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We will ship your delivery within 24 hours after we've received your payment! Delivery to countries outside the Netherlands takes several days. We ensure that your order is carefully packaged and delivered by TNT Worldwide.

If you placed your order through our website, it will be delivered through the service you selected. This page includes detailed information about our 24-hour delivery service, the various delivery methods and the delivery costs, if applicable.


If you placed your order before 9 a.m. on Monday-Saturday, it will be delivered for shipment to TNT Worldwide within 24 hours. Any orders placed and paid for during the weekend (i.e. Saturdays after 3 p.m. and Sundays) will be shipped on Monday.

Delivery Address

In order to offer you the best possible service we provide several payment options, so you can be sure there's always one that’s right for you! You can specify whether you prefer to have your order delivered to your own address or to an alternative address.

Track & Trace

We will present your package for delivery to TNT Worldwide. If you are not at home when the postman delivers the package to your door, TNT Worldwide will deliver the package to you again the following working day or on Saturday.

If the package still cannot be delivered the second time, you will receive notification from TNT Worldwide stating where you can pick up your package. This ensures you won’t need to stay at home just to await delivery, and you will still receive your package as soon as possible!

Delivery Costs

We ship all orders through TNT Worldwide, which reduces the risk of loss, damage and theft during shipment. Note that this shipping method means that WOODS.nl will bear the transport risk.

All international orders are shipped with TNT Worldwide, and you can track your international order through www.tracktrace.nl, where you will be able to track your order at every stage of the delivery process.

Please note that the above is an indication provided by TNT Worldwide; based on this time table, we cannot guarantee the delivery time of a particular order.

Belgium € 3,95 2
Cyprus € 24,95 3
Denmark € 9,95 3
Germany € 3,95 2
Estland € 24,95
Finland € 13,95
France € 9,95 3
Greece € 18,95 3
Hungary € 24,95 3
Ireland € 24,95 3
Italiλ € 13,95 3
Letland € 24,95
Litouwen € 24,95
Luxemburg € 6,95 2
Malta € 24,95 3
Netherlands € 3,95 1
Nieuw Zeeland € 24,95
Noorwegia € 21,95 3
Austria € 9,95 3
Poland € 24,95 3
Portugal € 24,95 3
Russia € 24,95 5
Slovenia € 24,95
Slowakia € 24,95
Spain € 13,95 3
Tsjechoslowakie € 24,95
USA € 24,95
UK € 9,95 2
Sweden € 13,95 3
Switserland € 21,95 3
Other € 24,95