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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we will answer a number of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If the question you would like to ask is not listed, feel free to e-mail us, and we will answer your question within 24 hours.

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Q: How do I cash my value cheque?

A: The credit you earn will be distributed twice per year in the form of a paper cheque, which is sent to you by regular post. You can cash the cheque up to three months after the issue date in one of our stores or through www.woods.nl.

Use the order form to indicate that you would like to use the value cheque, as well as to enter the number of the value cheque. You will initially pay the price listed on the website, and after we have received the value cheque we will ensure that the amount is deposited into your bank account within 10 days, provided the amount of the cheque does not exceed that of your order. Please note that a value cheque can never be exchanged for cash.

Send your check to:

Woods Fashion for Kids
Kolk 9
6662 WE ELST

Q: Can i order items that are actually not in stock?

A: Yes, this is possible to our regret! There are several reasons:

  1. We suffer a theftpercentage of about 3% every year although all our goods are tagged and our stores are equiped with camerasurveillance;
  2. It is possible that you put an item into your online basket while it is being tried on in one of our physical stores at the same time;
  3. Every year we handle about 30.000 items and sometimes mutations are being made through keyboards and i have to admitt .. even the best typist makes a misstake every now and than;
  4. Also our suppliers make mistakes and deliver less than ordered.

But, since we have 6 stores and are only showing online stock of 4 stores we will often find an equivalent or a very good alternative. Surely we refund within 5 days.

Q: What are deliverycosts.

This depends on the country you are living in. More information you'll find over here.

Q: Is the entire Woods collection featured on the website?

A: No, we only include the stock that is actually available in 4 out of 6 stores.

Q: Can I return the items I ordered in the [physical] stores?

A: Yes, this is possible.

Q: Can I order any items that are not available in my size?

A: Yes, you can. In that case, please contact 0031 481 371 606 weekdays 09 till 1600, and they will check if the item you're looking for is in stock in any of the other stores.

Q: Why is it that sometimes when I select the colour white, the item displayed is black?

A: When we enter the items we purchase, we don't always have information on the colour, and so the colour you see in the photo is the actual colour.